Unlimited Space SVG Modder

The following is a little web app I wrote for the WaW modding community. It works on the INNER savegame, not the CON file. This means that you have to open your savegame in Modio or HxD, extract the package, and upload it here. It should now work on CON files as well. If you get an error, let me know on the Forum please! The app will put all your code into a single savegame that will work no matter how much code you use, hence the unlimited space. If you're wondering how it's done, wonder no more: Tutorial for unlimited space in savegames


  • Non-Quoted -

    A similar format to that used in config.cfg files for WaW on the PC. The first word can be any of the set commands (seta, setu, sets), the second word is the dvar (only letters, numbers, and underscores), and everything after the space after the dvar is considered the value of the dvar. Code looks like:

    seta dvar cmd1;cmd2;cmd3
    seta dvar2 setperk "random player" specialty_quick_revive
    set dvar3 god;noclip

    Notice that the dvar values aren't quoted. In this format, the quotes aren't optional, they shouldn't be there. This is because in the savegame, the dvar values are not quoted, and thus the first level of quotation isn't escaped. This is actually better, as it allows a greater level of control in your code.

  • Line by Line -

    This was a commony recommended code format, so I've decided to add it. In this format, the dvars and their values are each on separate lines. Code looks like:

    bind button_start "god;noclip;vstr a";vstr b
    player_sustainammo 1

    Make sure there aren't any empty lines or trailing white space at the end of the lines.

  • One to One -

    Another popoular format. Each line has a dvar, a space, and then the dvar's value.

    activeaction bind button_start "god;noclip;vstr a";vstr b
    a notarget
    b player_sustainammo 1

    In this format as well, you need to avoid empty lines or trailing blank spaces.

  • Other -

    Want to use a different format? Make a post on the Forum