Writing / Making Mods



Using Mods



  • Use the credits for your savegames. They load many times faster than any campaign map. Start by making a savegame with a button binded to set credits_active 0. Then go to credits and save and quit. You now have a savegame that loads the credits.

  • Put killserver in activeaction. Killserver is reset after every game, so it will make it end the game as soon as it loads the savegame and all the mods. In combination with loading the credits, you have savegame that will load really fast and end the game automatically as soon as it loads the mods.

  • When you exceed the limit of space for new dvars and values, you will get an error saying "SAVE_STRING_MAX_SIZE". When you continue to go over the limit, it will no longer give you the error, but will ignore any code past the limit. By putting killserver in activeaction, you know if you went over the limit or not because the game won't end automatically if you did.