Uploaded savegame
Uploader: merkst3r
Title: m3rkster v1 beta
Uploaded: 2012-05-20
Downloads: 25599
Description: V1 IS OUT V2 IS OUT SOON


12 Jun 2012

This is actually a pretty sick menu - keep it up!

28 Jun 2012

This menu is the shizzy :P thank you man

01 Jul 2012

can someone help me, i download the save, open it in modio, rehash and resign, and try to play it but nothing pops up

01 Jul 2012

u gotta do campain start it up twice then go to zombies

01 Jul 2012

can someone clarify?

04 Jul 2012

it wont let me open the file help!?!

30 Aug 2012

Don't forget. you gotta ... "open it in modio, SWAP OUT THE PROFILE and DEVICE ID'sthen... rehash and resign, SAVE TO YOUR USB DEVICE (OVERWRITING YOUR OLD SAVE) and try to play"

05 Nov 2016

When i put my disc in and start it says my stuff is in backup and the file is corrupted but the mod stil works

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