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Uploader: xELITExMODDERx
Title: xELITExMODDERx v2.7 Huge!
Uploaded: 2012-08-02
Downloads: 22362
Description: This is biggest and the best of all! it includes Disco,Walking AC-130,And many more Awesome Features


01 Sep 2012

Thank you Everyone For The Downloads My v3 will be Minicon

Mr.Mojo Risin
07 Sep 2012

Hellz yeah a minicon!!!!

27 Oct 2012

sorry but imnot very good at this not been modding for long could some one tell me what a minicon is please?????? and thankyou elite modder youre v2.7 is mint

21 Dec 2012

iv tried to get it like 50 times i cant get it to work

04 Jan 2013

1.it works
2.press x to select and press back,not b,but the back button to open the menu

12 Apr 2013

na bra i cant get it to say resume game i know how to open it

12 Apr 2013

it dont work bitch

27 Jul 2013

basically stop bitching and moaning you retard you need to delete all mods then download this one then it should work and if it does not make shore u click MEMORY UNIT

10 Mar 2014

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10 Mar 2014

mine keeps saying that

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