General Call of Duty Dvars:

Dvars Default Values Recommended Modded Value Range Description


activeaction     any text commands to execute in the first frame
ai_disableSpawn 0   0 or 1 Whether or not to disable spawning
ai_meleerange 64 0 0-1000 The maximum range of the AI's melee attack (only on dogs)
ai_noPathToEnemyGiveupTime 6000 0 0 to 60000 Time the AI will continue to attack if the player goes off the path. (use for round skipping)
arcademode 0 or 1 1 0 or 1 Enables arcademode.
arcademode_score_laststand -110 1000000 any text External dvar (points for going into last stand with arcademode enabled)
arcademode_score_revive 100 1000000 any text External dvar (points for reviving someone with arcdemode enabled)
bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 350 1000 1 or bigger The height that a player will start to take minimum damage if they fall (how far a player will have to fall to take max damage)
bg_fallDamageMinHeight 200 1000 1 or bigger The height that a player will start to take minimum damage if they fall (how far a player will have to fall to take minimum damage)
cg_ScoresPing_LowColor 0.8 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 RGBA colors Color of high ping on scoreboard
cg_ScoresPing_MedColor 0.8 0.8 0 1 0 .69 1 1 RGBA colors Color of medium ping on scoreboard
cg_firstpersontracerchance 0 1 0 to 1 The chace that your bullet is a tracer
cg_fov 65 90 1-160 The field of view angle in degress
cg_fovscale 1   0.2-2 Scale applied to field of view
cg_scoreboardpingtext   1 0 or 1 Whether to show numeric ping values
cg_scoresPing_HighColor 0 0.75 0 1 0 .39 1 1 RGBA colors Color of low ping on scoreboard
cg_thirdperson 0   0 or 1 Use third person view
cg_tracerlength 160 999 0 or bigger Length of the tracer
cg_tracerscrewradius 0.5 2.5 0 or bigger Radious of a tracer's corkscrew
cg_tracerspeed 7500 300 0 or bigger Speed of a tracer in units per second
cg_tracerwidth 4 8 0 or bigger Width of a tracer
compass 0 1 0 or 1 Whether or not to show the compass
con_minicon 0 1 0 or 1 Enables the miniconsole
con_miniconlines 5 100 0 to 100 Amount of lines in the miniconsole
con_minicontime 4 10 0 or bigger amount of time to display mini_con messages
debug_reflection   1 any text external dvar (dev spheres. Need developer_script)
developer_script 0 1 0 or 1 Enables developer_script (needed for debug_reflection)
developeruser 0 1 0 or 1 Enables developer clan tags (rain,cycle,oooo,....,****,cyln)
g_gravity 800 100 1 or bigger Gravity in inches per second per second
g_speed 190 300 any integer The maximum player speed
jump_height 39 1000 0-1000 Height of a player's jump
magic_chest_movable 1 0 or 1 0 or 1 Whether the weapons box will move or not
party_connecttoothers 1 0 0 or 1 When enabled, you will start your own party whether other parties are available or not.
perk_altMeleeDamage 200 10000 0-10000 The amount of damage that the alt melee perk does (bowie knife)
perk_bulletpenetrationmultiplier 2 30 0 to 30 Multiplier for extra bullet penetration
perk_weapRateMultiplier 0.75 0 0 to 1 Percentage of weapon firing rate to use. (firing rate multiplied by value)
perk_weapReloadMultiplier 0.5 0 0 to 1 Percentage of weapon reload time to use (reload time multiplied by value)
perk_weapspreadmultiplier 0.65 0 0 to 1 Percentage of weapon spread to use
phy_gravity -800 100 any number Physics gravity in units/sec (zombies float when dead)
player_burstFireCooldown 0.2 0 0-60 Seconds after a burst that a weapon can be fired again
player_meleedamagemultiplier 0.4 0 0 to 1000 Melee damage to the player is scaled by this amount (when 0, player's are almost invincible to zombie attacks)
player_meleerange 64 1000 0-1000 Range of a melee attack
player_sprintSpeedScale 1.5 2 0 to 5 The scale applied to the player speed when sprinting
player_sprintunlimited 0 1 0 or 1 Whether the player has unlimited sprint or not
player_sustainammo 0 1 0 or 1 Firing weapon doesn't decrease clip.
player_swimDamage 15 0 0 to 5000 Damage the player will take each interval while out of breath in deep water.
r_colormap 1   0-3 Replaces all colors on map with pure black or white
r_flamefx_enable     0 or 1 Enables flame effects
r_lightmap 1   0-3 Replaces all lightmaps with pure black or pure white
r_poisonFX_debug_enable     0 or 1 Enables tabun gas effect
r_revivefx_debug     0 or 1 Enables last stand effects
revive_Trigger_Radius 40 99999 Any text External Dvar (The distance you will be able to revive another player)
sf_use_bw 0   0 or 1 Enables black and white (everyone in game. Can't be undone)
sf_use_chaplin 0   0 or 1 Enables ragtime feel (everyone in game. Can't be undone)
sf_use_contrast 0   0 or 1 Enables contrast effect (everyone in game. Can't be undone)
sf_use_invert 0   0 or 1 Inverts colors (everyone in game. Can't be undone)
tracer_screwdist 100 30 0 or bigger Length a tracer will go to complete a corkscrew
ui_playerPartyColor 1 0.8 0.4 1 0 1 0 1 RGBA colors Color of your gamertag in the pregame lobbies as you see it
ui_scoresPing_maxbars 4 7 0-10 Maximum number of ping bars
zombie_dog_animset zombie 0 any text External Dvar


Full Dvar List: Download




Command Usage Example Description


bind bind <button> <command/command string> bind button_rshldr noclip Binds a button to a command/command string
bind2 bind <button> <command/command string> bind2 button_rshldr god Secondary bind, same as bind
bindlist bindlist bindlist Lists the buttons with binds and what they are bound to
clear clear clear clears the console (PC only)
clientkick clientkick <client number> clientkick 1 Kicks the client number specified
cmdlist cmdlist <optional prefix> cmdlist a list the commands
collectible_add collectible_add <collectible> collectible_add collectible_paintball Adds a collectible
collectible_clear collectible_clear collectible_clear Removes all collectibles
collectible_remove collectible_remove <collectible> collectible_remove collectible_morphine Removes a specific collectible
devmap devmap <map name> devmap nazi_zombie_factory loads a map with cheats
dvardump dvarump <optional prefix> dvardump player_ Lists dvars
exec exec <filename or filepath/filename> executes config executes a config file
fast_restart fast_restart fast_restart Restarts the level
give give <weapon name or all or ammo> give zombie_m1carbine_upgraded Gives a weapon
god god god Toggles godmode
kick kick <playername or all> kick all Kicks everyone or the specified player
kill kill kill kills yourself
map_restart map_restart map_restart Reloads the map
noclip noclip noclip toggles noclip
notarget notarget notarget Enemy ai will no longer target you
onlykick onlykick <playername or all> onlykick all Kicks everyone or the player specified
pause pause pause Pauses the game
quit quit quit Quits the game (to dashboard)
reset reset <dvar> reset player_meleerange resets a dvar to its default value
set set <dvar> <value> set player_sustainammo 1 sets a dvar or creates a new dvar
setPerk setPerk <playername> <perk> set walkerneo specialty_bulletaccuracy Gives the specified player a perk
seta seta <dvar> <value> seta player_sustainammo 1 Sets a dvar and saves it to the config (on PC, not sure if there's a difference from set on xbox)
setdvartotime setdvartotime <dvar> setdvartotime time Sets dvar to current time
setfromdvar setfromdvar <dvar to receive value> <dvar to set value from> setfromdvar motd name Sets a dvars value to the value of another dvar
setviewpos setviewpos <x y z yaw> setviewpos 100 279 326 100 50 Sets your coordinates and yaw
showip showip showip displays your ip in the console
snd_playLocal snd_playLocal <sound file name> snd_playLocal mouse_over Plays a local sound file
startMultiplayer startMultiplayer startMultiplayer starts multiplayer
startSingleplayer startSingleplayer startSingleplayer Starts singleplayer
take take all take all Takes all weapons including knife
toggle toggle <dvar> <values> toggle g_gravity 10 100 800 toggles a dvar between the given values
togglemenu togglemenu togglemenu Toggles the start menu
togglescores togglescores togglescores Opens and closes the leaderboard
ufo ufo ufo toggles ufo mode (noclip, but vertical movement is controlled by lb and rb)
unbind unbind <button> unbind button_back removes the bind set with bind from the specified button
unbind2 unbind2 <button> unbind2 button_start removes the bind set with bind2 from the specified button
updatedvarsfromprofile updatedvarsfromprofile updatedvarsfromprofile updates the game dvars from the dvars in your profile (GPD). Only updates specific dvars
updategamerprofile updategamerprofile updategamerprofile updates your profile's (GPD's) dvars from the current dvars. (only updates specific dvars)
viewpos viewpos viewpos prints coordinates and yaw to the console
vstr vstr <dvar> vstr mods executes the value of a dvar as a command string
wait wait <time> wait 400 Pauses script for the given amount of time before executing the next commands


Full command list: Download



Buttons + defaults binds / Button Hex Codes:

bind BUTTON_RSHLDR "+frag"
bind BUTTON_LSHLDR "+smoke"

bind BUTTON_RTRIG "+attack"
bind BUTTON_LTRIG "+speed_throw"

bind BUTTON_RSTICK "+melee"
bind BUTTON_LSTICK "+breath_sprint"

bind BUTTON_A "+gostand"
bind BUTTON_B "+stance"
bind BUTTON_X "+usereload"
bind BUTTON_Y "weapnext"

bind DPAD_UP "+actionslot 1"
bind DPAD_DOWN "+actionslot 2"
bind DPAD_LEFT "+actionslot 3"
bind DPAD_RIGHT "+actionslot 4"

bind BUTTON_START "togglemenu"
bind BUTTON_BACK "+scores"

bind2 BUTTON_RTRIG "+gas"
bind2 BUTTON_LTRIG "+reverse"
bind2 BUTTON_B "+handbrake"


The following hex values are for displaying the buttons on screen. The only dpad button that will display on screen is dpad_right. To use these, you will have to open your savegame in HxD and change the hex value of a character you are displaying (most likely with the unknown command method) to that of the button you want to display.


01 - A
02 - B
03 - X
04 - Y
05 - LB
06 - RB
10 - Lstick
11 - Rstick
12 - LT
13 - Rt

15 - down - doesn't work
16 - left - doesn't work
17 - right WORKS
14 - up - doesn't work
0F - Back
0E - Start




To use a color, put "^#" - with "#" being the number of the color you want - before any text that you want to be colored.

^0 - Black
^1 - Red
^2 - Green
^3 - Yellow
^4 - Blue
^5 - Cyan
^6 - Brown


RGBa Colors:


1 0 0 1 - Red
0 1 0 1 - Green
0 0 1 1 - Blue
1 1 0 1 - Yellow
0 1 1 1 - Cyan
1 0 1 1 - Pink





World at War Perks:

specialty_bulletaccuracy Steady Aim
specialty_bulletpenetration Deep Impact
specialty_fastreload Sleight of hand (faster reload)
specialty_rof Double tap
specialty_altmelee Bowie knife
specialty_weapon_satchel Satchel Charges x2


Perk Dvars:


perk_weapSpreadMultiplier Hip fire bullet spread multiplied by value (0 for no spread)
perk_weapReloadMultiplier Reload rate mutliplied by value (0 for instant)
perk_weapRateMultiplier Percentage of weapon firing rate to use (0 for fastest)
perk_altmeleedamage Bowie knife damage
perk_bulletPenetrationMultiplier multiplier for bullet penetration (30 for max bullet penetration)