Call of Duty World at War SVG Mod Menu

Update(4/22/2012): Wondering how I packed it all into one savegame? Want to put as many of your own mods into a savegame? Check out the WaW savegame modder tool or the tutorial!

Update(1/17/2012): Check out the new single savegame mod menu here

Update(1/16/2012): Due to popular demand, I've started working on another WaW modmenu. This one will be much better and easier to use. Subscribe to me on Youtube to be notified as soon as I release. Also, head over to the Forum if you have any questions or suggestions for the next release. I will also be working on some online tools for people who like to make their own mods, so stay posted!


Controls outside of menu:

  • RB
  • LB
  • Dpad_up
  • Dpad_right
  • Dpad_down
  • : Noclip
  • : Timescale
  • : Kill zombies
  • : Give all
  • : Drop Weapon



Menu Controls:

  • Back
    Open/Close Menu
    Select Option
    Go Back
    (bind menu) Choose Button



How to Use:

  1. Follow the video below for putting the profiles on your device:

  2. With your device plugged in, load World at War.
  3. Sign into Walkerneo's Mod 1 and resume game. It will kick you back to the main menu, don't worry, it's supposed to do that.
  4. Sign out.
  5. Sign into Walkerneo's Mod 2 and repeat steps 3-4 for this and the last two profiles.
  6. Sign into one of your profiles and enjoy the mods!