Dullybyte: Modern Warfare 3 Savegame Modder

Dullbyte is a Modern Warfare 3 savegame modder. I've tried to incorporate as many dvar mods as possible in addition to a variety of features that I thought would be helpful. This page will list some features and explain some of the logic used by the program.


  • Various dvar mods
  • Checksum fixing
  • Resign and rehashing
  • Auto-complete dvar input
  • Custom resign profiles
  • Exposure of dvars used in mods
  • Managed Dvar Table (explained below)

I've done my best to synchronize the dvar table and the various dvar controls (buttons, sliders, checkboxes, combo boxes). When you load a save, if the dvars a button uses are set to to the modded values, the button will show as checked. This same process applies to adding or removing dvars in the table. For example, the unlimited sprint button uses the dvar "player_sprintunlimited" and sets its value to 1. If you change that to 0 in the dvar table, the button will no longer show as checked. Take note that when you uncheck a button, the dvars it uses are removed from the table, but only if each dvar has the modded value set by the button.

The way I wrote the program is a bit iffy and I'm going to rewrite it when I have time, but this should serve for now. I encourage you to try to break the program and tell let me know what happens. Click tons of buttons, open bad files, try everything. When you find an error, let me know and I will fix it.